The use of art in marketing automation

Marketing automation on your emails needs a touch of creative art to entice readers to read to enable them to have an impact in improving sales. How will you differentiate a filtered Email and a spam mail? It lies in the artistic skills you portray to the reader that someone took his time to develop the Email campaign before it was sent. There is no debating on which one is better, the answer lies in the recipient and the features of the marketing automation tools. The art themes are diverse depending on your taste, target audience and the graphical features that can be designed using your marketing automation kit.

 Some of the areas you can display a touch of art in marketing automation include

 Lead pages

This is the entry point whether a visitor will go a step further to your site, or just click the close button, especially when he got into the site accidentally. Use some artistic skills to lure the reader to open the link to get more information about the product, even if they are not interested. The best artistic skills to follow is using a relevant image or video. If your site deals with cosmetics, why not use models. Who does not want to have a flawless skin like that of a model?


Have an Email with an irresistible subject, or even a graphical presentation. There are many digital applications, which help in these. Ensure the final Email, one can differentiate from a glance that it is a customized Email rather than just the mass Emails sent for trial and error on whoever reads and acts on the Email.

 Auto-responder Emails and inquiry Emails should also have a difference and portray some artistic skills to have a touch of a human hand. Even on authentication functions, most software uses them as a proof of non-robots, they need there is a human verification icon.

 Landing pages

Some of the marketing automation solutions require landing pages to direct you to some specific functions. Even of a visitor is interested in your product, how you display and send it to the readers have an impact on the steps he takes to ensure your objective is met.

 Sales funnels

At the same time, some of the automation tools are complex and cumbersome to use, yes, they may have the desired features. To ensure the market have a positive attitude towards it despite the complexity, some touch of art come in handy.

 Social media integration

What makes a visitor decide to follow your site integrated with the social media platforms? In the digital world, some funny cartoons and short videos lure you to open the site that is art at work.

The use of art has the main objective of promoting the readers and visitors to your site to develop interested and take a step of faith and visit the main site for more information. This increases the contact list to your database as well as enhances lead conversion for the overall benefit of increasing sales using marketing automation. Use art sparingly while you consider your target audience and relevance to the products and services.